Kickin Newsletter: October - Finding Your Motivation Again!


october-cover-kickinThe Kickin' newsletter is a GREAT tool for student retention, stimulating upgrades, creating family add on's, promoting your Black Belt Club, Leadership Program, and GOLD teams AND to send to ALL prospects in your database.

It reinforces the value of your program by "reminding" current students "why" they enrolled, and creates a CONSISTENT line of communication to your students and prospective students.

We're providing you this valuable tool in MS Word format so it's easy to edit or modify, and can quickly and easily be forwarded to your students and prospects!!



Kicking Newsletter - Finding Your Motivation Again! (PDF) (46 downloads)
Word Doc 2013:
Kickin Newsletter: Finding Your Motivation Again! (Word 2013) (44 downloads)
Word 2003+:
Kickin Newsletter: Finding Your Motivation Again! (Word 2003+) (35 downloads)




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