1 on 1 Coaching - Consulting

Many requests are received for one-on-one personal consulting. Those requests can be handled on a space available basis.

Options include:

  • Hourly by telephone.
  • One-on-One training and consulting at your school site,
  • One-on-One at location convenient for the individual that you are doing the consulting with (at their home location in most cases.)
  • A fourth option is on-going “Coaching” which includes monthly one-on-one phone calls with either Stephen Oliver or Toby Milroy including personalized feedback and action plans. (First priority for time slots available always given to Mile High Karate members, Millionaire Wealth Members, Coaching Members, Inner Circle and Peak Performers, followed by Maximum Impact Members.)


Available for Consulting:

  • Grand Master Stephen Oliver
    If he does any consulting visits or other training at all – it will be on a very limited basis and will be tied to other travel if held at your location. The fee if held at your location (North America) will be $8,250 + Hotel & first class round trip airfare. The expenses are negotiable if tied to other travel that’s previously scheduled. For a full-day in Denver the fee will be $5,900 (included for “Millionaire Wealth.” Members.) For hourly consulting the rate is $995 per hour.
  • Grand Master Jeff Smith
    If you’d like to book a day with Grand Master Jeff Smith –we will attempt to schedule in conjunction with his other travels. He can train you and your  entire staff, host seminars for your students and staff on a variety of subjects (including group renewal preparation) and do a complete full-day diagnostic of your  school.   The fee to have him  visit your school for a full – long  - day is $6,250 + expenses.  $4,500 if held in the Washington, D.C.  Metropolitan Area. The hourly consulting rate is $795 per hour.
  • On-Going Coaching with Stephen Oliver
    Coaching (Peak Performers or Inner Circle) includes periodic (typically 9 or 10) one on one personalize coaching times and regular email access for personalized support and consulting.  The Millionaire Wealth Group includes a One-On-One Consulting Day with Stephen Oliver along with “Behind the Scenes” Mile High Karate tour.


**Special Discounts available for Inner Circle and Peak Performer members!

Coaching-Consulting-Request-Form (3 downloads)


To request a consulting day download, complete and fax it the information request form below and note first and back-up preference on who you’d like to work with and in which capacity. 

Fax to: 1-727-683-9581; Attn: Stephen Oliver OR
Mail to:

Martial Arts Marketing Inc. DBA NAPMA
14143 Denver West Parkway, Suite 100
Golden, Colorado 80401